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3 Reasons Why Your Follow Up Sucks

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The forgetting curve states that people, by their very nature, forget most information soon after learning it. It also states that the best time to review information for memory retention is within the first 24 hours. This means your best bet for staying firm in a buyer’s mind is reaching out to them in the first day or two. Not only do you want to jog your leads’ memories soon after meeting, you should review the information yourself and stay on top of the important facts. Ultimately, your follow up is all about reaching out quickly and effectively; here are three reasons why you aren’t doing that and how to fix it.

  1. Because you don’t have a system in place

Outlook and Excel are both great programs for when you’re directly inputting information and making one-on-one contact, but they won’t be proactive in helping you. If you aren’t using an automated drip campaign or CRM, you’re wasting time.

Luckily there are plenty of CRMs to choose from. These can allow you to plan and schedule email campaigns to be sent off quickly after an open house. Make a flowchart for which leads to apply to which campaigns: those somewhat interested in a property get two emails in a month, those very interested get contacted once a week. It will take work in the present but will ultimately save you time. Now you have an advanced, efficient process for automatically contacting leads.

Or better yet, you can let the leads contact you. The CRM LionDesk offers custom phone numbers that can be synced up with short codes A short code is a keyword that interested parties can message to your phone number to receive instant information on a property. Now the leads have what they need and you have their contact information, without you doing any extra work. Leads are willing to take that first step following up, just as long as it’s easy enough.

It doesn’t matter how expensive of a phone or how fancy of an email program you have; if it’s not automatically doing work for you and saving you time, it needs improvement.

  1. Because you don’t have strong enough referrals

Past client referral is huge. We all know it. It’s your way to have a personal connection with leads you’ve never even met. If someone recommends you as an agent to their friends, not only is the strength of that referral connecting you with the lead, but so is the trust and meaning of the referrer’s friendship.

Luckily for you, in this situation you don’t need to hurry and reach out to your clients. You’ve already done 99% of the work when you closed the last deal. But don’t let your past clients become passed clients. Send a letter. Handwritten. A month or so after the deal closes and they’re all settled in, an unexpected thank you or hope things are going well can be all that’s needed for their memory of you to go from good to great.

If you’ve been referred you have a much stronger relationship with your client than you would have otherwise. You, your current client, and your past client who referred you have a supportive bond together and a follow up is almost guaranteed.

  1. Because your sphere of influence isn’t as solid as it could be

As an agent, you already have a sphere of influence and it’s probably pretty large. But just having a lot of connections doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of them.

First, are they organized effectively? A list of phone numbers and email addresses in Outlook is good but that exact same list in a powerful CRM can do so much more.

Your SOI is everyone you know, not just those who’ve bought or are looking to buy property from you, so make the most of that. Write unique emails or texts for each group in your SOI (personal friends, colleagues from a previous job, neighbors) and use a CRM’s mass messaging feature to get in touch.

Speaking of sending mass messaging, don’t forget that other agents are in your SOI as well. Put their contact information in your CRM and send a text to all of them when a lead of yours is looking for a property they might know of.

Having a robust presence in your sphere increases your chances to get the jump on openings, to get referrals, and of course, have better follow ups.


You alone are not enough to hold the attention of every visitor and lead you meet, but there are plenty of ways to get assistance. Remember to get back in contact with your leads soon, have those leads positively recall you after the deal’s landed, and have your SOI as strong and active as possible. These might seem overwhelming to juggle simultaneously, but with an innovative CRM and a good head on your shoulders you’ll do more than manage: you’ll succeed.


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