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Why Real Estate Technology Helps Everyone

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by David Anderson  |

No corner of the real estate industry is untouched by technology.

Agents are equipped with resources that empower as much as they perform, enabling a single agent to produce as much annual income as a ten-member team was less than a decade ago.

Today’s web-enhanced real estate agent moves fast to adopt technology.

This is in part due to fear of competitors gaining an advantage; however, the push from consumer technologies into real estate is probably more to blame.

Real estate agents need to understand how their customers are imbibing and digesting home and market data, and that can’t be done without a versatile CRM, a sharp website, and an unlimited mobile data account.

In summary, today’s agent has not only embraced early adoption, they’re showing their brokers how to do it.

Agent-driven, Broker-supported

We view LionDesk as a system that automates what’s already automated.

We’ve centered our offering on making it easier to combine systems to augment many of the tools agents already use.

This development came about from discussions with brokers who were finding challenges in providing tools for agents who came on board already armed with a bandolier of sophisticated, mobile-first marketing and customer-engagement tools.
So far, our strategy is working.

Agents nationwide are finding that by streamlining common web-based smarts with traditional outreach tactics, their databases are more populated, their listing presentations more fruitful, and their leads more valuable.

For brokers, the need to offer multiple tools or partner with disparate marketing vendors is coming to an end.

Agents are seeking and successfully leveraging CRM-centered suites like LionDesk that bring together the best of what we know works.

The more integrated these tools, the easier it is for brokers to arm their agents with what’s needed to attack the market.

Thus, LionDesk is a champion of agent independence as much as it is a proponent of top-down, broker leadership.

For brokers, the need to offer multiple tools or partner with disparate marketing vendors is coming to an end

We want agents to have the freedom to leverage technology as they fit, and we want to free brokers from worrying about un-tested technology investments.

Our partnerships, third-party integrations, and ever-widening feature selection will continue to support that cause.

Platform not product

LionDesk focuses on helping the industry leverage this evolutionary shift to business process automation.

Make no mistake, our software isn’t designed to uproot proven industry practices; rather, we want to lift them up. There’s a difference.

We also want to start at the agent-level. Instead of a product, agents need a platform on which multiple tactics can be tinkered with, tested, and deployed.

Agents want a single log-in that offers:

Direct mail E-mail. Video texts. Lead importing. Relationship monitoring. Auto-responders. Task management. Team collaboration.

It’s our belief that a more informed agent is better fiduciary to her or his clients.

The more ways we can enrich their knowledge of what’s possible with the right tools and technology, the more we can support how our customers serve theirs.

Instead of a product, agents need a platform

Agents are the ground-level touch-points to the market. They hear the complaints about prices, the anxiety about inventory, and share in the joy of closing escrow.

In short, technology should start with the agent.

This approach eliminates office-wide adoption hassles, provides flexibility for reaching disparate customer types, and frees brokers to focus on business management and mentoring.


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