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It’s February! What were your resolutions?

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Is it just us or is this year already starting to fly by? Just a short while ago, everyone was making new year’s resolutions that were meant to be the foundation for a new and improved 2018. But how many of us really remember what our resolutions were? Or how many of us are sticking to them? Here are a few resolutions that stood out to us that could still be applied to your business for the rest of the year:


1. Get one new lead each week

It is essential to keep your business growing and to do that you need to be actively seeking new leads. One way to do this is by having an active social media presence. In fact, industry insiders say that you can easily get up to 50 new leads by just posting for your followers on a regular basis. Social media pages are great and FREE lead generators that everyone should take advantage of.

2. Maintain contact and relationships with business associates

Regularly connecting with your professional contacts is a great way to share resources and referrals with one another. And you never know what other opportunities may arise by maintaining good relationships with other business professionals.

3. Add some personalization to your real estate services

Since real estate is such a competitive field, it is crucial to set yourself apart from others in the industry. Personalizing your services will put you a step ahead of your competitors and help you differentiate yourself from others. For example, you could write personal letters, prepare a closing gift for your clients, or have special touches during an open house. The key is to not just think of the big picture (closing the sale), but to think of the small stuff that will truly set your business apart from the crowd!

4. Prioritize your industry education

We know it is demanding to stay at the top of your field and always be up-to-date with your Real Estate Professional License. We also know this takes time. A great goal for 2018 is to find the right tools to save you time in your day-to-day so that you can prioritize your ongoing industry certification requirements. Using an Integrated CRM Platform like LionDesk is a great way to do this where you can automate tasks, easily connect with clients, and prioritize the “hottest” leads all in one simple platform.

5. Try mobile marketing

This year, take your marketing to new heights by reaching your customers right on their mobile devices viagra fiyatları eczane. It’s no secret that most people have their phones by their sides and now studies show around 72% of home buyers use a mobile device to shop for their next home according to NARs. Try using texting to market yourself like LionDesk’s Text 2 Sell tool or video text feature. You can also target specific devices when advertising on Facebook. It has never been easier to reach the right customer on the right device! utilize a personalized and custom local area code number and create “Short Codes” to highlight on Sign Riders, Flyers and More.


It is not too late to adapt these helpful tips and resolutions to your business this year; it is never too late to succeed! Let LionDesk help you achieve your real estate goals this year with our helpful and updated CRM platform.


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