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Three LionDesk Features Brokers Should Love

David Anderson 0

When it comes to choosing a real estate CRM, brokers tend to focus on what would make their agents more productive.

After all. That’s where the revenue comes from.

And while the needs of agents is certainly paramount, brokers should lend credence to a platform that does more than drive lead engagement and help agents stay on top of their databases.

When we developed LionDesk, the key was to create a solution that enveloped the many varied tasks and challenges that boiled inside the every-day real estate office.

We aimed to consolidate a range of capabilities to limit the log-ins needed to make sales happen, whether that dealt with email marketing or auto-dialers. In short, we wanted to reduce the friction between agents and their technology tools.

But we didn’t forget about brokers. After all, it’s your job to keep that internal boil at a simmer, and make sure all the deals are being cooked to fruition.

This is why we included the following three features:

Transaction Plans
This feature is designed to mimic the best practices of your office when it comes to ensuring deals get across the line.

Value to the broker comes in many forms with this feature but primarily, its goal is to offer a clear, task-driven process for agents to follow when managing a sale through escrow. These plans come standard but can be customized to fit a number of deal scenarios and timeframes, and are made to be flexible, as no two sales are the same.

There’s no doubt that this stage of any deal is the most risk-prone, and often requires a broker’s careful hand-holding. (And sometimes, an agent asks for help when it’s already too late.)

While we’ll never say that brokers can buy LionDesk and rest their feet on a pile of commissions, we are confident that our Transaction Plans will at least help you sleep better at night.

Team & Deal Oversight
Brokers can buy a number of stand-alone office management suites that are often separate from CRMs and other marketing platforms.

However, our omni-channel approach to consolidating office needs ensures that you don’t have invest heavily in disparate tools requiring more training and more money.

Brokers can create teams and set lead assignment parameters, monitor deal progress per agent or team, view pending revenue, create master email campaigns for agent use, and in general, know everything happening about each listing on the books.

Facebook Lead Nurture
Facebook is now a major player in real estate marketing and agents need to generate and promote social content, interact with people, and engage those who have engaged them kamagra india price.

While Facebook advertising is very robust, it can be narrowed down to target people with incredible granularity, making it easier to grab local and relevant leads.

For brokers investing in Facebook brand advertising and promoting its value to agent, LionDesk is a must.

Using a tool called Zapier, a “bridge” that connects unrelated software products, we can show you how to capture Facebook leads directly into your LionDesk auto-responder engine to fire off relatable, timely content without manual interaction. No lead goes unanswered or in any way neglected.

Furthermore, this connection ensures that Facebook leads don’t end up in a separate database.

LionDesk is committed to helping brokers build stronger brokerages by reducing technology overhead and empowering their agents.

Stay tuned for more broker-centered updates and service in 2018.


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