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“30 Under 30” Realtors Tell Us Their Favorite Features

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What does it take to become a finalist for Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30? Hard work, determination, and a great CRM! Isabel Affinito and Devin Ratoosh, 30 Under 30 finalists, both use LionDesk as their CRM and have taken advantage of some of the great tools and features that LionDesk provides.

Isabel Affinito of JB Goodwin, REALTORS, finds that LionDesk helps her keep in touch with her contacts and helps make the follow-up process as easy as possible. “A lot of my business comes from phone calls I make to friends and past clients. They’ll say “Isabel, I’m so glad you called! I’ve been meaning to call you because I’m thinking about selling my home.” LionDesk has the tools I need as an agent, and no extra fluff to distract me from what is important: making the call.”

Being a user of several other CRM’s in the past, Isabel has found that LionDesk is the easiest to use. Therefore, once her contacts were uploaded into the system, she was ready to start making calls and automate things such as emails and texts. In fact, one of Isabel’s favorite features is the drip campaigns. “I have two favorite features in LionDesk. The first is email drip campaigns, so I can schedule emails, texts and phone calls to customers who opt in.”

As Isabel mentioned, making the call is the most important part in her business. The PowerDialer is a feature in LionDesk that helps make calls to large contact lists without going through the hassle of looking for each individual contact and is a huge time saver. “My second is the PowerDialer, which I use to call my list of customers and clients and take notes along the way.”

We all know that leads make a realtor’s business—and through LionDesk, leads can be automatically imported and ready to contact! Devin Ratoosh of Marvin Gardens Real Estate, has leads from his IDX site imported to his LionDesk account daily. “I receive a few leads from my IDX website everyday cialis 20mg preise apotheke. These leads are automatically imported to LionDesk allowing me and my team to effectively follow up in a timely manner.”

Lastly, realtors are always on the go making deals and it helps to take your CRM with you! LionDesk has a mobile app that makes managing clients, tasks, and more, a bit easier when your business is constantly traveling around. The app is actually one of Devin’s favorite features, “I also love their mobile app where I keep my daily schedule and am able to add notes for my clients on the fly. The app is well-designed and easy to use.”

Overall, LionDesk features are efficient and can help automate your business processes. If it works for top realtors such as Isabel and Devin, why not have it work for you?

If you want a CRM the has the features that Isabel and Devin use on a daily, sign up with LionDesk for FREE. 

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