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Keeping In Touch With Past Clients Without Becoming A Spammer

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In real estate, the contact list is essential and key to closing deals. But once you have closed the deal with a client, an important question is posed—is my contact with that client done? Has the realtor and buyer/seller relationship come to an end? And that’s when we say, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Staying in contact with past clients is extremely important but there is a balance. Having past clients in your contact list is beneficial for your business but you certainly don’t want to overwhelm the client to the point where they unsubscribe to your contact methods. The great news is that there is a balance. You can contact those clients, provide value to them, and not become that email inbox spammer.

Satisfied customers create more customers.

There is nothing stronger than a great word of mouth review, or a referral Keep in contact with your clients so that when they have a friend or family member that needs to buy or sell a home, you are the first person that pops in their head. Your past clients can help you get potential new leads which can turn into a sale down the road. But once you do get that referral, don’t be afraid to reach out and thank your past client. A personal email is a great touch, and you can also take the extra step with a handwritten note or a small thank you gift if that referral leads to a sale.

Share what has been listed and sold.

Sending out an email of what has been listed and/or sold in your client’s neighborhood proximity is a simple way to remind your past clients that you are actively selling and that you are on top of your game. When you emphasize that you have successful transactions, the next time they may need to sell, you will be the person that they go to.

Send out a monthly newsletter.

A great way to remind people that you’re available is sending that valuable content in a monthly newsletter. This will allow you to not over spam a client’s inbox with a plethora of emails but provide them with one great resource of information about the real estate market!

Becoming your client’s (old and new) realtor for life is all about staying connected. How are you currently staying connected with your clients? Find your communication solution by signing up for LionDesk.

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