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Four Needs For Every Landing Page

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Landing Pages Are The Curb Appeal Of Your Marketing Campaign
These 4 essential landing page elements can help get the most out of your next LionDesk campaign

Real estate agents need to think about landing pages as they do a listing’s curb appeal.

Will it sell the house? Probably not.

But, can it not sell the house? Absolutely.

Landing pages are essential first impressions, critical components for any lead generation or online branding campaign.

The intent of a landing page is to fulfill the promise of your call-to-action; it’s a warm welcome into the foyer of your business. Launch a drip campaign or Facebook ad without one, and you’re immediately putting your marketing at a disadvantage.

The next time you set-up an automated lead response or even an inactive lead campaign through LionDesk, make sure your landing page is well-equipped with these four characteristics to handle the influx of lead traffic.

Landing Page Need #1: Relevant Messaging

First and foremost, your campaign landing page needs to expand on the message your ad or email promised to deliver.

Can you sell a listing for more? Then your landing pages needs at least a couple examples of homes sold above median or list. Are you an expert in a specific community? Then show your leads what makes you the expert. Oh, and a powerful, compelling headline helps, too.

Landing Page Need #2: Engaging Content

Landing pages are intended to capture leads, to entice a person to trust you with their personal information and hopefully, their real estate goals.

Over the years, landing pages have become de-facto content delivery destinations, providing prospects with something of value in exchange for that trust. For real estate agents, landing page content options could include, a five-part, private video series on prepping for home ownership; a no-commitment in-person overview of how to get ready for a mortgage; or an inside look at what local agents’ believe to be the next hot community. In short, offer something to those you want to get something from.

Landing Page Need #3: Your Story

There are a lot of real estate agents out there. And despite what you think, many of them are as good as you are.

Make sure your landing page sets you apart, that it shares what makes you a person’s best choice to help them with their buying or selling needs. Your story could come across as a short video, a summary of your personal life, or even a photo of your family Again, landing pages are about building trust, and trust comes from knowing with who you’re doing business.

Landing Page Need #4: A Thank You

Let your new customer know you appreciate their interest in working with you. When they complete the lead form or download your content, make sure you finish the transaction. A simple “thank you,” and promise of personal follow-up goes a long way toward reassuring an online lead that you mean what you say. After all, how many “info@emailaddress” accounts have we completed only to never hear back? Don’t be that agent.

Know that landing pages can be designed in a number of ways, used to promote everything from an open house to a new agent hiring. Use them as you will, but make sure you use them right.

Ultimately, the goal of a landing page is to earn you new business. The more you stay focused on that goal, the more effective your next marketing campaign will be.


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