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Posts published in May 2018

What Lead Sources Are Best For Your Brokerage?

David Anderson 0

With an ever-growing marketplace of real estate lead sources, brokers face tougher decisions about what is best for their agents. From portals to Facebook, and from big data to open…

The Money Is In The Follow Up

David Anderson 0

Don’t let the word “conversion” intimidate you. It’s not a trendy, tech-industry buzzword or the latest meme you need to understand to be relevant on social media. When you hear…

Seize “Micro-moments” with LionDesk Video Texting

David Anderson 0

Two years ago a blog post appeared on Think With Google entitled, “I Want-To-Go Moments: From Search to Store.” You can read it here. It remains even more relevant today…

6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Text With Clients

David Anderson 0

It only took a few years for text messaging to evolve from a conduit used by rapid-thumbed pre-teens to outsmart their parents to a bonafide form of business communications. Yet,…