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6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Text With Clients

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It only took a few years for text messaging to evolve from a conduit used by rapid-thumbed pre-teens to outsmart their parents to a bonafide form of business communications.

Yet, far too many real estate agents remain cynical about its place in the industry. It’s impersonal. It’s stilted. I’d rather email.

We’ve heard the all excuses.

And none of them hold water anymore.

What’s important to understand about texting is that like many real estate tech trends, agents aren’t driving its adoption, which brings us to our first point:

1. Your Customers Expect It
Buying and selling homes is an emotional process. And like anything directed by the whims of emotion, we want answers and information in unreasonable timeframes. Customers merely want to know you’re there, even if your answer is, “I don’t know, I’ll get back to you.”

Your clients are texting with friends and colleagues all day long, to the tune of 8 trillion text messages sent last year. Why is out of place for them to expect a text from their real estate agent?

2. Texting Gets Responses
Close to 90% of text messages are read within 10 minutes. That means that when you need an answer from your client, texting is probably the best way to get it.

If you need a document signed or confirmation for a showing time, a few thumb taps will do more for transaction efficiency than an email. Oh, and most of us check our phones well over 100 times each day, so why not put what you need in a place that gets seen at least six times each hour?

3. Text Messages Are Easily Preserved
Texting provides all parties involved an instant, written confirmation of what was said about a potentially critical detail of a sale or transaction milestone.

However, some worry about the security or convenience of storing endless strings of texts on a phone to preserve deal data. But you don’t have to, as more CRM tools are syncing text conversations with their respective database records. LionDesk has emerged as a leader in this capability.

4. Mobile Efficiency
For every person outside of a Verizon store the night before a new phone launch, the device they’re waiting on has gained twice as much business capability.

Why not leverage all of what you waited in line for? Accessing text tools is faster and less cumbersome than email. We can send links, images of documents, and contacts, just to name a few, in a only a few taps.

If the point of our devices is to allow us to do more away from the office, why not embrace the most versatile and efficient form of communication they offer?

5. Generational Shifts reports that people ages 18-24 years of age text 67 times every day, or 2,022 per month, almost twice the rate of peers one age group above them.

Sure, we all hate to be reminded about our age, but agents looking to secure the business of the up and coming will have to commit to dual-thumb messaging.

6. Marketing Innovation
You can do more with texting than arrange meetings and confirm appointments. Text messaging can be an ideal and unique form of marketing and sales outreach.

Text campaigns can send video introductions and follow-ups, a feature introduced earlier this year by LionDesk. These video messages can be sent to multiple parties at once or to new contacts. It’s views and recipient interactions can be tracked.

If you really want to innovate the way you impact your existing clients and maturing leads, consider a drip-campaign using text messaging.

In summation, home buyers and sellers are doing more for real estate technology than programmers and developers.

After all, it’s their demands that drive innovation, and the growth of text messaging in business is no different.

Embrace it.


Are you adding your leads and clients manually to you phone for you to text them? Why do all the hard work when LionDesk can do it for you?

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