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The Money Is In The Follow Up

David Anderson 0

Don’t let the word “conversion” intimidate you.

It’s not a trendy, tech-industry buzzword or the latest meme you need to understand to be relevant on social media.

When you hear real estate sales coaches, brokers, and industry talking heads use “conversion,” they’re merely talking about turning leads into customers.

See? Easy stuff.

When choosing technology tools to help in your conversion efforts, seek out vendors that are streamlining multiple marketing tasks and tactics through a single interface. Learning and paying for too many stand-alone software subscriptions can burden a new agent quickly.

Enough explanation. Here are some tips that may help you choose the right platform to convert online leads into brick & mortar customers.


The key to conversion is follow-up. The faster you let a prospect know you care about their needs, the better your odds of hearing from them again. Look for CRMs and marketing solutions that use Auto Responder tools to deposit website leads into specific mail and text lists that are then contacted right away, and at regular intervals from that point forward. LionDesk is one such example of a solution that very nicely integrates marketing function and leverages automation to make them most effective.


Almost 98% of texts are read by recipients. This is why many companies are introducing text marketing campaigns. You can even send video! The better technologies are tracking text conversations from within their dashboards to again, make it simple to market.

You can also schedule texts the same as you do email campaigns.


Not all leads are the same. Too many agents consider all leads the same. It’s not true. Leads vary by timeframe to buy, financial capability, zip code, pre-approval status, location, and budget, just to name a few categories. Each deserves a different form of follow-up. Use software that makes it easy to silo leads into appropriate lists. This makes follow-up faster and more accurate. Solutions to examine, again, include LionDesk, Pipeline ROI, iXact Contact, and BoomTown.


Calling still works. Power dialer systems bring the modern to the old-school by automating calls, leaving pre-recorded voicemails, and connecting you when it matters. Set time aside once a week to power-dial all of your new leads, and consider combining call campaigns with texts and emails. Be ever-present.

Remember, the money is in the follow-up. Today’s home shoppers are online, on their phones, almost all the time. Thus, your competitors have as much access to them as you do.

However, by choosing a technology partner that embraces automation and leverages multiple marketing efficiencies, you can be the agent that earns their business, not just their email address.


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