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Voice-Activated Search Echoes Real Estate Industry & Consumer Trends

David Anderson 0

Did you hear that?

If not, we’ll repeat it: the era of voice search is upon us.

Amazon heard the message a few years ago when it began to sell its Echo VAI (voice activated internet) appliance. Naturally, Google followed.

There are few technology trends that the real estate industry doesn’t emulate. After all, theoretically, every consumer is a potential client, something few industries can say.

This is because real estate brokers need to be everywhere their customers are interacting with the internet, a truism that prompted the industry’s adoption of mobile technologies. (The first person you knew who had a cellular phone was a real estate agent, right? How about Bluetooth headsets?)

You may have missed the announcement a few weeks ago that LionDesk launched the first of what will be a number of features into the VAI milieu.

As of now, you can ask Alexa to open LionDesk and share your appointments for the day, and to list any new leads you may have earned.

We did this because if buyers and sellers of real estate are using these devices, then real estate agents needs to know how they work, too. Companies AgentNEO and VoiceterPro have launched home, agent, and vendor search apps for both Google Home and Echo, respectively.

Similar vendors won’t be far behind.

Industry giant Keller Williams has launched a voice “AI” app for its agents called Kelle (“Kelly”) that helps them access an array of daily, business critical information and resources.

The relationship between the industry and its consumers is changing at an almost superluminal pace. It’s no longer a clear-cut, customer-service provider dynamic, especially when customers can access once-protected market information from anywhere they can get a data signal.

Suddenly, sellers have options for their home sales outside of the open market, never having to interact with an MLS. Purplebricks has national television campaigns, Opendoor raised another $300 million in capital, and the largest name in real estate search, Zillow, is buying homes.

Is it any surprise that agents are starting to ask questions about their position?

There are big, esoteric questions being lobbed at the industry these days. And it might take a couple of years for all of this transition to settle down, and for agents to decipher the answers to those questions.

Until the dust settles, all we can do is continue to find ways to help our broker customers and their agents stay in front of a data-enriched, tech-powered audience.

From video texting to automated campaigns, and yes, voice-activated access, we hope our software platform can help light the way through the dense fog of uncertainty that’s weighing on the industry today.

Our goal with launching LionDesk for Echo was to stay ahead of the needs of our customers and the industry. The more tools we can offer, the better the solutions to customer problems agents are able to build.

We feel very confident that VAI search is going to expand quickly. Remember, Amazon isn’t what they are today because of too many lost bets.

Stay tuned everyone, things are going to get interesting for you … and for LionDesk.

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