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July Updates

David Anderson 4

We have been listening to our LionDesk users and have rolled out some changes and some fixes that have been requested. They are now live and active in your LionDesk accounts!

Our Updates Include:

  • Emails to spouses are now tracked on the contact’s profile
  • Files & documents uploaded on a contact’s profile are now available as attachments when sending emails

Bug Fixes Include:

  • LionDesk tags are now placed where specified in texting template field
  • Mailing event dates (delivered, opened, clicked) now match activity log dates
  • More Google Calendar events are allowed to show on calendar page
  • No default lead source added to Deals if there is no contact attached
  • Attachments are now included in shared folder templates
  • Spouses can unsubscribe from emails
  • Recurring task dates are more accurate for close-in start dates
  • Names of private contacts now show on shipping labels
  • Sorting by number of autopilot tasks more accurate

Also stay tuned for an upcoming enhancement…

  • Direct mail integration

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