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How Agent Teams and CRMs Work Together

David Anderson 0

With the rise of hyper-advanced, big forms in the real estate industry, more agents are collecting more information on people and prospects.

In turn, the agents who excel in these practices are finding value in the divide-and-conquer strategy of lead cultivation. In other words: teams.

The agent team is a fast-growing concept within the industry, many gaining enough horsepower to split brokerages and create their own franchises.

As it is in any industry, teams can’t succeed without daily cooperation and cohesive understanding of culture.

The right software product can foster that cohesion, encouraging individual agents to function together for the good of the brand.

LionDesk has thus built into its offerings a friction-free team management module to generate, manage, and close leads under the auspices of common business goals.

For example, LionDesk allows team leads to invite new members in merely a couple of clicks, an email address is all it takes to start onboarding new agents.

Each member can be assigned rules for what leads they receive and when, and activity on each of them is easily monitored by the team admin. Time-based (to the minute) or round robin lead dissemination settings are available to users.

Agents can be sent leads via email, call, or text.

The value of a good lead source can’t be understated, and is often highly protected by its agents. To accommodate that, LionDesk works with an array of web-based lead generation systems, including all major portals and social media platforms.

LionDesk excels in providing market-leading flexibility for each user, a powerful value-add for agents and brokers wanting to empower teams and recruit new members.

However, retention is as crucial as recruitment when it comes to the longevity of your real estate team.

LionDesk was built to scale with the industry, able to reflect in its features the changing mood of buyers and sellers. In turn, team leads can demonstrate to current top producers that they’ll always be provided the right tools to compete in an ever-changing market.

Additionally, team leads are provided oversight into agent performance and platform activity. How many campaigns are they running? What is the time-to-contact after new leads are accepted?

Knowing who leverages the LionDesk’s components to the best of their ability helps team leads make those (often difficult) recruitment and retention decisions. It helps to be backed by hard numbers.

Knowing that getting the business and doing the business are two intrinsically separate components of working in real estate, LionDesk grants immense marketing and follow-up power to its teams.

Once a lead is secured, we make it easy for team members to deploy our full arsenal of video email tools, automated text campaigns, action plans, and transaction oversight tools.

If building a team is your goal this year, consider how the right CRM can help you reach it. Look for an array of marketing tools to ensure the needs of aspiring team members can be met, and be sure to focus on how the product can scale.

After all, the point of a real estate team is to build business, not merely maintain it.

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