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LionDesk Introduces PieSync

David Anderson 0

LionDesk is thrilled to introduce our new partnership with PieSync. PieSync is a syncing program that delivers a two-way sync between some of your favorite apps. As LionDesk now provides integration with PieSync, our users will now have 2-way real time sync when it comes to their customer data.

We know that data comes in all shapes and sizes from the apps that you may use for your business, and all customer data is important. We want you to be able to take your customer information from your leads and apply it into LionDesk. Not only apply it into LionDesk, but with a 2-way sync, LionDesk will also communicate customer data with your other apps. Resulting in more descriptive and accurate data for your leads.

Some frequently asked questions regarding this integration are: Can I fully sync my data between LionDesk and another app? YES! The sync is in both directions and the conflicting data is also merged. If I update data in another app, will the data then update in LionDesk? Yes again! PieSync monitors the records and the data consistently in both apps and detects the changes; updates that are made in one app are also applied in LionDesk and visa-versa. What about my existing data, will that be updates as well? Yes, when you initially sync your customer data from another cloud app with LionDesk by using PieSync, your existing data is matched between the two systems.

Integration between LionDesk and PieSync means great news for LionDesk users! On average, using PieSync with your CRM saves 3-4 hours a week. LionDesk users will be able to work on any device with updated contact information, it will boost productivity, and even increase ROI! Most importantly it streamlines teamwork, making a team’s communication simplified.

“We are using PieSync from day one to keep the contacts from our favorite cloud CRM, in sync with Google Apps. PieSync keeps our clients’ contact details up to date for the entire team, regardless which team member is making a change. Great!”

To start your PieSync connection with LionDesk click here!

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