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Posts published by “David Anderson”

When is it Humane to Pull the Plug on Unresponsive Leads?

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A real estate CRM is designed to keep you in touch with customers. However, customers can be hard to define for most residential real estate agents because of transaction timeframes.…

Three LionDesk Features Brokers Should Love

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When it comes to choosing a real estate CRM, brokers tend to focus on what would make their agents more productive. After all. That’s where the revenue comes from. And…

It’s February! What were your resolutions?

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  Is it just us or is this year already starting to fly by? Just a short while ago, everyone was making new year’s resolutions that were meant to be…

10 Things to Look for in a CRM

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Ease-of-use/Introductory Lessons –  CRMs are supposed to save you time and organize your workflow. If you’re spending more time figuring out your CRM than using it, there’s a problem. New…

Why Real Estate Technology Helps Everyone

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by David Anderson  | No corner of the real estate industry is untouched by technology. Agents are equipped with resources that empower as much as they perform, enabling a single…

3 Reasons Why Your Follow Up Sucks

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The forgetting curve states that people, by their very nature, forget most information soon after learning it. It also states that the best time to review information for memory retention…