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Posts published in “CRM”

LionDesk Introduces PieSync

David Anderson 0

LionDesk is thrilled to introduce our new partnership with PieSync. PieSync is a syncing program that delivers a two-way sync between some of your favorite apps. As LionDesk now provides…

Three LionDesk Features Brokers Should Love

David Anderson 0

When it comes to choosing a real estate CRM, brokers tend to focus on what would make their agents more productive. After all. That’s where the revenue comes from. And…

10 Things to Look for in a CRM

David Anderson 0

Ease-of-use/Introductory Lessons –  CRMs are supposed to save you time and organize your workflow. If you’re spending more time figuring out your CRM than using it, there’s a problem. New…

Why Real Estate Technology Helps Everyone

David Anderson 0

by David Anderson  | No corner of the real estate industry is untouched by technology. Agents are equipped with resources that empower as much as they perform, enabling a single…

3 Reasons Why Your Follow Up Sucks

David Anderson 0

The forgetting curve states that people, by their very nature, forget most information soon after learning it. It also states that the best time to review information for memory retention…