If you’re researching CRMs for your real estate, mortgage or small business, this LionDesk user did the research for you.

Here’s his unedited comparison:

  • Wise Agent (no video texting, any emails sent have to be ‘opt-in’ by the receiver in advance of reading it or they won’t get it…that was an absolute deal breaker)
  • Top Producer Package of CRM, Market Snapshot and Fivestreet (hopelessly outdated interface and graphics, no text drips, won’t communicate with outside programs ala Zapier, Piesync)
  • IXACT (personal preference mostly, seemed generic and not ‘deep’ enough feature set to match LD and not integrated well with other programs because it isn’t very popular)
  • Mojo CRM: (my first CRM and love it still, just doesn’t have text/video text/email drip campaigns so can’t use it solo. But simple and solid and gets the job done)
  • Follow Up Boss: (real estate people give this program a lot of love on the forums but I can’t figure out why. Generic and not real estate related, no deep features to match LD)
  • Contactually (same as FB)
  • Buffini CRM (no deep features, very general and monthly email content pitched as the main benefit is just your typical generic home tips and content found in any CRM

Now granted, all of the above are just my findings based on my personal preferences and yours will likely be different.

But after trying all of them, there is no program anywhere NEAR this price point that has the feature set Liondesk does.

So LD is my main CRM now and I’m done looking. I think David & company do an outstanding job and this is a great product.

You’d have to Frankenstein a big complicated mess of Zaps and stitch together multiple programs to even get close, at a lot of extra cost and hassle…IMO

We should all throw some love LD’s way for this amazing program. All programs have tech issues now and then. Haven’t used one yet that hasn’t. But they didn’t have the feature set LD has, either.