In this webinar LionDesk CEO, David Anderson, and Cloud CMA co-founder Greg Robertson talk about the importance of staying connected with your sphere to maintain a growing business.

They cover:

  • The importance of having and maintaining a CRM
  • How your database is your ultimate goldmine
  • What type of content you should be sharing with your sphere
  • How to combine your tools (CRM + CMA) for maximum results
  • and more!

15:50 – Without automation you won’t be able to follow up with all the leads you’re generating over time

19:19 – Texting has a 90% open rate compared to 15% with email

29:18 – Texting engagement rate is 6X greater than email and when you combine that will calls,it increases your email open rates nearly 30%+

30:45 – Video helps your customer remembers you

36:35 – Cloud CMA exclusive offer

44:35 – what does CRM stand for?

45:36 – What MLS plans does LionDesk offer?

48:16 – Does LionDesk connect to IDX websites?

50:23 – Does LionDesk allow you to generate leads through paid media?

54:49 – Does LionDesk offer AI (artificial intelligence) features?